• Mrs. Potato Head’s Sweet Sister
    Mrs. Potato Head’s Sweet Sister

LOCAL BEER OF THE WEEK: Mrs. Potato Head’s Sweet Sister

    This new weekly feature in the Andrews Journal will take a look at beers brewed in Cherokee County over the summer.
    * Name: Mrs. Potato Head’s Sweet Sister by Hoppy Trout Brewing Co.
    * Brewer: Tom Rodeck
    * Style: Imperial yam ale
    * Alcohol by volume: 7.9 percent
    * Food pairing: Dessert replacement
    * Description: Get a jump start on fall with Hoppy Trout’s rendition of sweet potato casserole beer. The imperial yam ale offers a cozy blend of sweet potatoes and basic pale malt with notes of cinnamon, marshmallows and nutmeg. Best consumed after a meal, the deep amber ale’s spiced flavor makes for a scrumptious dessert.
    The beer’s brewer, Tom Rodeck, said he gained inspiration for its creation after tasting a similar styled sweet potato beer at Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland, Fla. After throwing together an original recipe, Rodeck – with the help of co-workers Tim Newton and Bri Loparco – teamed up to begin the concoction. Twenty-eight pounds of peeled sweet potatoes later, Mrs. Potato Head’s Sweet Sister was born.
    “It was a very labor intensive process,” Rodeck said. “Luckily, Bri and Tim volunteered their time in exchange for a couple of beers.”

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