Help schools through NIE program

   This week, 353 copies of the Andrews Journal were into local schools. For this, the schools pay nothing. We even deliver to their doors.
    We do this, and at considerable expense, because we believe it’s important for our students to not just learn what happened in the past, but what’s going on today.
    Knowledge is power, and without it our students will be powerless to help our communities when it’s their time to become leaders.
    For those who don’t know, the Andrews Journal’s Newspapers in Education program – or NIE for short – is an educational partnership between our newspapers, participating schools, businesses and organizations.
    In this cooperative venture, schools use newspapers to teach a variety of subjects – English, government, history, journalism, math, reading, science and social studies, just to name a few – across all grade levels. We also emphasize literacy, as it’s essential for success in the 21st century for a person to be able to read and write at a high level.
    Teachers, if your class was left out of this week’s NIE distribution, you need to make changes to the number of copies or you have an idea to share, please let program coordinator Ann Koles know at 837-5122, Ext. 125, or email The online component of the program can be found anytime at
    In order to make these deliveries every week school is in session through May 2017, we need your help. Since schools and educators pay nothing for the program, sponsors are absolutely essential to ensure every class that wants copies will receive them.
    Civic clubs, educational agencies, parent-teacher organizations and local businesses often partner with NIE because they recognize what it means. All donations are tax deductible. Besides the satisfaction of knowing students will appreciate what you’re doing every week, you also will receive recognition weekly on the Scout’s Education page, the NIE website and in every bundle delivered to schools.
    Only $175 covers two classrooms for the entire school year. For details or to become a sponsor, please call me at 837-5122, Ext. 109, or email And thanks for reading.

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