Kena Grindstaff, an Andrews High School freshman, has orchestrated massive donations to the homeless, as well as the animal shelter (shown here) and nursing home.

Wildcat's project makes a difference

    Andrews freshman Kena Grindstaff is not one to fall in line with the rest of her classmates.
    When she was assigned a project in Jill White’s class that needed to be based around a person who influenced history, she chose Mother Teresa.
    “People were doing lame things like making T-shirts and stuff, but I thought about Mother Teresa and I know she really helped people, so I decided to do something like that.”
    What started small has grown, and Grindstaff has made kits of essentials for homeless people and others in need, as well as making large donations of food and supplies to the Valley River Humane Society.
    The bags for humans include toiletries, snacks, water and other basic needs that many of us take for granted.
    “I honestly thought when I started that I would pay like $20 of my own money, make a few bags and that would be it,” Grindstaff said. “But I have received hundreds of dollars in donations and it just keeps going.”
    Grindstaff, who earned an A grade on the project, plans to volunteer at the nursing home and the animal shelter this summer to donate her time as well. “I want people who are in need or in trouble to know that somebody actually does care, you’re not alone,” she said.
    She said that so far, her efforts have not inspired her classmates to join in, but she is hopeful that it will.
    “Maybe somebody else will start doing it, but if they don’t, I still will,” she said.
    Grindstaff hopes to one day go to school to become a forensic psychologist, but she said she could see philanthropy being a large part of her future.

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