Judy Brooks is going to be handing in her time card one last time before retiring after 56 years of working dutifully for Cherokee County residents.

Judy Brooks' smiling face has marked the time in Andrews

   After 56 years of working in Andrews, Judy Brooks finally has decided to retire.
   Known all throughout town for her warm personality, most have seen Brooks working at United Community Bank or socializing throughout town, all while dressed to the nines.
   Before working as the bank’s city president for the last 34 years, Brooks held multiple jobs in Andrews, including an office assistant position at Andrews High School, plant manager secretary at Wachovia and an employee of the technology center Magnavox.
   “I’m going to be totally lost when I retire,” Brooks said. “It’s going to be a big adjustment because I’ve worked for so long. Just seeing the customers, it gives me something to live for.”
   When entering United Community Bank in Andrews, people instantly experience the customer service spirit Brooks helped instill at the business.
   Brooks, 74, said the family atmosphere and passion for putting customers first is what makes the bank an essential asset to Andrews.
   “We’ve enjoyed one another and had a great time, and still got out work done,”United Community Bank employee Lisa Frye said. “The whole 25 years I’ve worked here, she was always supportive of what you had going on in your life. If you had to take care of family members, or had a sickness – it was always about you.”
   In addition to holding a leadership role at the bank, Brooks has dived deep into community service. Having spent time as a Andrews Chamber of Commerce’s president, decades in the Order of the Eastern Star, and over 60 years as an active member of the Andrews First Baptist Church, to most Brooks’ community service is an inspirational feat.
   “She is one of those rare individuals who truly loves everybody,” longtime friend of Brooks, Erla Jones said. “She is so genuine. You never hear her say anytime bad about anyone or talk about negative business.”
   Al Hood, who was Brooks’ pastor for seven years, said on top of her hard work ethic and heart for helping others, she always maintained a funny side.
   Hood said during one church service he noticed Brooks’ absence. When he bumped into Brooks later he asked her where she had gone that day.
   “She said, ‘Preacher let me tell you,’” Hood said. “‘Every month I change places in the church, just so I can sit with different people. ‘You won’t get used to seeing me, so you’ll have to look for me every Sunday.’”
   Jones, who grew up across the street from her, said Brooks attends every funeral in town. She likes to joke with Brooks telling her that she should work at Ivie Funeral Home.
   Another eccentric aspect most people notice about Brooks is that she always maintains an air of elegance, from her makeup to her vibrant jewelry.
   “For years she would go home from work in the evening still dressed in heels, makeup and jewelry,” Jones said. “She would be out riding the lawn mower. You don’t see people dressed to kill on a lawn mower.”

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