Jordan pays some of his taxes

    Andrews alderman and former Cherokee County commissioner Steve Jordan announced during the budget presentation on June 27 that he has paid his town property taxes in full.
    Mayor James Reid said Jordan paid Andrews a total of $6,998.54 earlier that day.
    “I’m not going to applaud him for it,” Reid said after the meeting. “That’s our job to pay our taxes, and we’re (town officials) held to a higher standard on everything we do.”
    As of April 11, public records indicated that Jordan owed $8,489.61 to Andrews. Jordan additionally pays bills owed by his late father, Jimmy, whose balances total $3,022.71 between the town and county.
    On Friday, Jordan’s delinquent taxes between his businesses and personal properties were $5,050.35, according to the county’s delinquent tax/foreclosure officer.
    “We just have a lot to pay, and it’s hard to get them paid,” Jordan’s wife, Sue, said after the meeting. “We pay for the property, and we pay the county every year.”

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