• Betty Hartman (right) and her husband, Carl, left a lasting imprint during their time in Andrews. Betty passed away in December.
    Betty Hartman (right) and her husband, Carl, left a lasting imprint during their time in Andrews. Betty passed away in December.

Hartman remembered fondly

   Whether people will remember her for her fun personality or dedication to the community, most will agree that Betty Hartman will forever hold a space in the heart of Andrews.
   On Dec. 20, 2017, she passed away at age 89 from congestive heart failure, leaving her husband, Carl, for the first time in nearly 66 years of marriage.
   “They were each other’s right hand man, and the supported each other totally,” said Raymond Denton, a close friend of the Hartmans.
   “They both had a heart for the community and were always willing to do what they could to help people.”
   Carl and Betty first lived in Cherokee County from 1978-84, when Carl was pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Andrews and Murphy. They lived in Iowa for 12 years, then returned to Andrews when they retired in 1996.
   In fall 2016, former Andrews mayor Nancy Curtis made a proclamation stating Oct. 11 as Carl & Betty Hartman Day for the Town of Andrews. Carl previously was named the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce’s Citizen of the Year for his charitable work, which he said he couldn’t have done without her.
   The Hartmans dedicated themselves to the community by coordinating the MANNA Food Bank in Andrews, launching the town’s first community-wide virtual Appalachian Trail, holding health and wellness programs like stop-smoking classes, and delivering fresh fruit to people’s doorsteps.
   “They were just tireless in their efforts and working for the community,” said James Vollmer, a local dentist. “Sometimes I think they were misunderstood because of their enthusiasm, but they cared so much. I’ve never known anybody who cared more or put more into the community than they did.”
   David Hartman, one of Betty’s two surviving sons, said he will never forget his mom’s rock-solid commitment to Jesus and radiant personality.
   “She’s a mess,” David said with a smile. “She’s outgoing and the life of the party. She enjoys embarrassing me left and right.”
   David Barnes, who became good friends with the Hartmans at church, said Betty was a no-nonsense person, someone who could walk up to a stranger and effortlessly carry on a 30-minute conversation.
   “The thing I will remember the most about her is her sense of humor,” he said. “I don’t even think she knew she was funny, but she was. She usually said what was on her mind, so you didn’t have to wonder what she was thinking.”
   Even though Betty was heavily involved with health and wellness programs, her main focus alongside her husband was sharing their passion for God.
   “She had a true love for people and a love for God,” Denton said. “If you have a love for God, then you’re going to have a love for people because that’s what we’re called to do – love one another.”

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