Jake Orr (artist of the outer pieces), shown at last year’s 50/50 Art Show, wanted to make art with “a new medium, to do something that hasn’t been done” before.

50/50 show returns Friday night

   Paintings, sculptures, pyrography and other forms of media will breathe creative life into downtown Andrews during the seventh annual 50/50 Art Show at the Valleytown Cultural Arts Center on Friday.
   Hosted by the Andrews Art Museum, which is on the second floor, the show will take place from 5-7 p.m. There will be light refreshments. Around 50 pieces of art from various artists based out of western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee and north Georgia will be revealed to the public.
   Each piece will cost $50. Half of the amount will go to the artists, while the other half will be used for the upkeep and events of the Andrews Art Museum.
   Museum Director Tom Vogler said the show presents a unique opportunity for less-seasoned artists to display their work.
   “A lot of people are artists and they don’t realize they’re artists, so they do work and their pieces begin to pile up in the closet” Vogler said. “There’s so much hidden talent in this area. This show gives new and emerging artists an opportunity to spotlight their work and put it in front of people.”
   In addition to promoting visual artists, the show will feature author Wally Avett. Mixing fiction with history, Avett’s books take people on a journey based on true stories. Some of his published works include Coosa Flyer, Rebel Bushwhacker and Murder in Caney Fork.
   While people view the diverse pieces of artwork Paul Constantine of Hayesville, known as Dr. Paul by his fans, will perform on stage. Constantine appeared on season 9 of NBC’s television show The Voice.
   Accompanied with his acoustic guitar, the musician embraces a range of genres including country, pop, R&B and folk.
   “His whole persona matches that of Wally Avett, so they’ll go together with the whole ambiance,” Vogler said. “It’ll be great.”

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