• Juggling Molecules
    Juggling Molecules

LOCAL BEER OF THE WEEK: Juggling Molecules

This weekly feature in the Andrews Journal will take a look at beers brewed in Cherokee County through September.

* Name: Juggling Molecules by Hoppy Trout Brewing Co. in Andrews

* Master brewer: Tom Rodeck

* Style: Pale ale with citra hops

* Alcohol by volume: 5.3 percent

* Food pairing: Volcano pizza

* Description: A classic pale ale jam-packed with heaps of citra hops, Hoppy Trout’s Juggling Molecules overflows the senses with a parade of bitter grapefruit.

The beer earned its wacky name by a song from the English psychedelic band, Shpongle – a favorite of brewery co-owner, Kristin Spradling.

Tom Rodeck created the recipe during his home-brewing days, and now offers it as one of the brewery’s “flagship” brews. Despite barely keeping it on tap because of its popularity, Rodeck said he plans to continue brewing the beer for as long as possible.

Juggling Molecules is the first of the brewery’s “molecules series.” The series’ newest addition, Flaming Molecules, adds blueberries and Carolina reaper peppers to the citra pale ale.

Because of the beer’s positive reputation, Rodeck entered Juggling Molecules into the N.C. State Fair 

Beer Competition. As his first commercial beer competition, Rodeck said he hopes to bring home a gold medal.

“Out of everything we have on tap right now, this is probably my favorite thing,” Rodeck said. “If people like IPAs and pale ales, then I’d say definitely go for this one because it’s loaded with hops.”

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