Erica Haney, owner of Erica’s Bakery: Cupcakes and More enjoys experimenting with all kinds of sweets. Photo by Ben Katz

ACCENT ANDREWS: Businesses continue to blossom in Andrews

   When one business closes, another opens thanks to the driven community members of Andrews.
    “I think a lot of businesses want to be in Andrews now because we have gained a diversity of restaurants,” said Gayle Horton, president of the Andrews Chamber of Commerce. “The climate is good, and we’re getting more options downtown and more traffic in the evenings. I think they will continue to build off one another. It’s the partnering that makes it positive.”
    Three new businesses opened in Andrews recently, while two others are in the works to open in late spring.
    At the young age of 17, Erika Haney opened Erika’s Bakery in downtown Andrews. She bakes and sells a myriad of scrumptious sweets including cupcakes, muffins, brownies and other unforgiving treats.
    Haney’s red velvet cupcakes already have proven to be popular. She bakes more than 50 a day.
    “We have been very blessed,” said Haney’s mother, Teresa, who helps with the business. “The community has supported her. That’s why I love living in a small community. Everyone is very supportive.”
    Down the street from Erika’s Bakery lies Burnt Branch Creations, which opened last fall.
    Handcrafted rag rugs, quilts and baskets fill the store. Stephanie Carver, owner of the business, crafts each item personally by hand, using traditional mountain methods passed down by generations of family members.
    “I like the simplicity of using traditional techniques,” she said. “It slows you down and allows you to make art that’s useful.”
    In February, the community’s need for another grocery store in the Andrews Valley was fulfilled with the opening of 4-Finger Discounts.
    Owned by Isaak Stoltzfus and Jenna Helton-Stoltzfus, the store offers brand-name, non-perishable food at discount prices.
    Jenna said she hopes the business creates jobs in Andrews and helps in other economical ways.
    “There’s not many jobs in the area, and there’s not a lot of ways to make money,” she said. “We just want to give back and help the community.”
    Another sweet retreat is on the horizon for downtown Andrews this spring. Scoops Creamery, owned by Laura and John Irwin, will have more than 17,000 different ice cream combinations.
    Unlike most ice cream parlors, Scoops Creamery will have what the Irvins call a “Beast Machine.” The Auger machine blends any base ice cream with toppings, and the ice cream comes out solid. The shop also will hand make their waffle cones.
    The creamery will offer classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, butter pecan and mint chocolate, while also providing sugar free options and two dairy-free sorbet choices.
    “Our desire is to create a fun place for people to bring their families and enjoy one another’s company while satisfying their sweet tooth,” Laura said.
    The savory aroma of lasagna, chicken Parmesan and spaghetti will grace the streets of downtown Andrews when Granieri’s Italian Restaurant opens later this year.
    Owned by Frank Colontonio, the restaurant will serve affordable classic Italian dishes. The owner said he will use authentic Italian recipes handed down by his family.
    “We’ll have excellent service and excellent food,” Colontonio said. “It’ll be more of a family Italian restaurant that’s affordable for everyone in Andrews.”
    The business will remain open for lunch and dinner. Colontonio said he is contemplating adding a Saturday and Sunday breakfast.
    “I’m hoping that it will bring more people to the community itself,” he said. “It well help everybody and provide more food options.”

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